Emily (#780) 02-04-15

Emily was sitting quietly, outside of my favorite coffee shop. She had a staid, demure countenance. When I approached her, she was slightly taken aback and shy. But agreeable. Emily is from Parrish, a rural community in Manatee County, to the north. She graduated from a high school in Manatee County and then bolted for San Fransisco. She was a barista and loved it, but California proved just too expensive to live.

So she moved back to Sarasota and works as a barista here. I asked her where. Pastry Art, right here! Yikes, I was embarrassed. She is new here, but in retrospect I have seen her a couple of times. But her hair was different, and she had an outgoing, gregarious personality. She seemed so different now! My bad. She was not interested in obtaining a copy of the image.

While I was photographing her, the manager came out and said, "Emily, don't let him do it!" A joke. He has seen me in action many times.