Diego (#938) 11-28-15

When I saw the dreadlocks and the body language, I thought, “This must be an artist.” The light was way too contrasty, so I followed at a distance. Finally I crossed the street, circled around, and 'happened' to meet him in the spot of my choice. Diego seemed curious, and was happy to be photographed.

Diego is from Spain and is in his senior year at the Ringling School of Art and Design. I was right!

“What kind of art do you make?”

“Painting, video, photography.., art is art.”

When I wanted to move him a bit, he said, “You are the artist, do what you want.” He really liked my photostream. After graduation, Diego will return to Spain.

“What will you do?”

'Live life. Who knows what will come.”

Nice to be able to have that attitude. Attending a school costing north of $50,000\year, he probably has the resources to take life as it comes.

Thank you, Diego, for allowing me to photograph you for my ongoing portrait project.