Dayle and Kristen (#929) 10-06-15

After parking in a high rise lot, I descended the stairs to a plaza that included Buddy Brew Coffee. But I didn't even get there. Dayle was sitting on a couch right in front of my favorite charcoal grey wall. Perfect spot. Having not approached a stranger for a few weeks, I felt awkward.

When I explained the project, she immediately agreed, but was curious about my intent. The Photostream on the phone helped. And I explained that it was more about getting out of my comfort zone than photography.

Dayle is from Nassau County, New York. She had been back twice in recent weekends and remembers shoveling snow vividly. She is now a realtor on nearby Longboat Key. Dayle did not particularly like my first images, so I let her pose herself however she wanted. I don't think that the two looks are all that different.

As we spoke, her friend Kirsten walked up. She expressed no reservations about being photographed, and changed places with Dayle. Like Dayle, she did not like the first pics, so I let her pose herself too. They took cards and asked for a digital copy of the images.

Thank you, Dayle and Kristen, for allowing me to photograph you for my ongoing portrait project.