Herbert (#931) 19-10-15

I recently visited Winter Park, FL. I was about to check out of the hotel, but decided to walk a block to their Saturday morning Farmer's Market. Things were packed, so I neglected to carry the camera. Stooopid!

A small produce stand was situated in decent light, and the proprietor had such a relaxed countenance that he exuded peace and serenity. Now I had to return to the hotel double-time to correct my mistake. When I returned, he was speaking with two ladies. I waited my turn, but it became obvious that Herbert was at the market to socialize as much as sell produce. When I introduced myself, his calm demeanor was a balm, and I understood why people stop by to talk.

Herbert has had that location in the market for 32 years. I pointed to the mustache and said, “I'll bet that has changed a bit.” “Oh yes sir, My appearance has changed a lot over 32 years.” An African American lady walked in, and on a hunch I asked if he had ever seen her before. “Oh yeah, we've been married for 61 years.”

Sixty one gracious years, I believe.

Thank you, Herbert, for allowing me to photograph you for my ongoing portrait project.