Robert (#750) 01-04-15

Robert was sitting on an outside stool at Smokin' Joe's bar. He had a DSLR in his lap, a 3000 series Nikon. This location always works for me, the light is very nice. At bit quiet at first, he opened up and “got into the spirit.”

Robert is from Belmore, a neighborhood in Queens, NY. He left young, but remembers small houses being close together. Once he went to a store to buy candy and got lost on the way home. All of the houses looked alike. Being from Queens also, we traded stories about “the good old days', and how the neighborhoods have changed. Not for the better.

He photographs all kinds of things, and was interested in Flickr. He seldom shows his work. Robert was very interested in 100 Strangers and took a card. Before parting, we photographed each other with our respective cameras to our eyes.