Jovana, Aleks, and friends (#762) 01-16-15

Last weekend, downtown Sarasota was taken over by Thunder by the Bay, an annual motorcycle rally. It's a great place to see interesting people, but the ear-splitting noise makes forging relationships a bit challenging. Z's restaurant has a wide open wall to the street. To satisfy the thirsty crowd, an ice cooler full of brews was placed at the opening, tended by a pretty young lady.

Jovana (pronounced 'Yovanna') was talking to Aleks (pronounced 'Alex') in a language unfamiliar to me. They are from Serbia, so this is what Serbian sounded like (a first time for everything). Detailed discussions were impossible for the right reason – everyone was having too much fun. Jovana and Aleks were happy to be photographed, and each liked the results. While they were looking at the back of the camera, Wade came up and said, “How about me, don't I get to be photographed?” The answer to that was obvious. Turns out that Wade works at Z's with Jovana, Aleks does not. And Bob was nearby the entire time, tossing verbal barbs and wisecracks. He wore classic Harley duds. “Sure”, he said, “I don't mind being photographed.”




                                        Jovana & Wade


All were laughing and joking. All liked their images, and all wanted cards. I had to go back to the car to get some more. In one way, this is street portraiture at it's best, all being happy. BTW, it was before noon. I don't think that adult beverages were involved. Well, not much.