Duneska and Armen (#760) 01-14-15

Armen and Duneska were imbibing in front of my favorite coffee shop, so they were fair game. When I 'made the ask', Duneska seemed a little befuddled and reluctant. Armen said yes right away. She asked,

“What is this for?”

I showed her my photostream and said,”It's a way to meet people. The camera is a tool. I never would have walked up to you and introduced myself without the camera.”

Armen: “Why not?”

Duneska smiling at him: “Because you look too mean.”

Armen moved here from Ocala, FL, eight years ago, to be near family. He likes Sarasota and Ocala about the same. Duneska came to the U.S. From Columbia 16 years ago. She has a slight, delightful accent.

I got a few shots of Duneska, which she didn't like at all. A bit frustrated, I turned my attention to Armen. He really liked the images, as did Duneska. I saw how she was sitting and said, “Don't move, stay just like that”, and got the posted image. She liked it. I e-mailed both to Armen, and have had no reply.

Before leaving, I asked Duneska, “What should readers know about Columbia?”

“That it is a beautiful country, and pretty safe. It's not like you hear on TV.”