Matt and Katie (#758) 01-12-15

It was late morning that I strolled through a market in Bradenton. Matt's hair immediately caught my eye, as they slowly walked my way. It was high overcast and no shadows were evident, so I figured that light would be soft enough where we stood. I was wrong.

As I explained to the two of them, “... and my job is to meet 100 people I don't know...”, and Matt cut me off. “I'm one of them.” Needless to say, I immediately liked Matt. Matt is from Vermont, and moved to Bradenton 13 years ago. He works for a company detailing boats, and he'd like to strike out on his own. Katie is from Bradenton and went to Manatee High School. I asked Katie, “Is he getting you to detail boats?” Laughing, she said “Not a chance.”

As I said, the light was suboptimal. I paid the price with more post processing than I like.