Emily (#657) 09-29-14

While photographing a young lady seated at an outdoor table in St. Petersburg, Emily (at the next table) called over, “Well, you're in luck. You're going to get two.” Emily was not shy. She lives in tampa, but was originally from New Iberia, LA. I mentioned how a few french surnames are so common in Cajun country, like Broussard, Tibideaux, and Breaux. Emily said that her brother's last name is Breaux. Quite a coincidence, her Bro' is Breaux.

She has lived all over, including the Netherlands (her father's native country), and Nigeria. Her passion is a non-profit organization called Khusi Hona. It aids orphans in India, and Emily's card identifies her as the CHO – Chief Happiness Officer. The organization's website is HERE. Emily has an essay on the site HERE.

She loved the idea of meeting strangers for a photo. We promised to hook-up on Facebook (we have), and she asked for a copy of the image. It immediately appeared as her Facebook avatar, always an 'upper' for me.