Marty (#653) 09-24-14

I saw Marty sitting at the same outdoor bar as #651, Chanel. The light is so nice there, and his hair really popped out. When I went through my speech, he shrugged and said, “I guess so.” After a few shots I showed them on the LCD. Again he shrugged, and was not interested in getting a copy. “I see what I look like in the mirror every day.” Other than that he is from Louisiana, I got no feedback.

A few months ago I went through a very difficult personal situation; the camera stayed on the shelf for 9 weeks. When I finally was able to pick it up and approach people, I figured that it would be part of my 'recovery.' Actually it has, but it has also been a sobering reality check. My rejection rate is considerably higher than before, and many folks who allow a photo offer weak, shallow, encounters. I say the same words, but apparently there is something in my eyes, or body language, that betrays my emotions. Future success (or lack thereof) will probably be a good barometer of my inner state.

Now for this image, I made my usual plea, “Please do not 'say cheese' for the camera.” Marty immediately assumed this gesture, which I love. But it accurately reflects his interest in what I was doing.