Kate (#633) 08-15-14

Kate was in charge of an olive oil concession. She was born in California, but raised in Sarasota. Kate now attends the Sarasota Military Academy. She was interested in the 100 Strangers project and took my card. In return, she gave me her card, as she is interested in graphic design. See it HERE.

I asked what was the worst thing that had happened recently. She said that the day before, her car had been rear-ended. Well, that IS bad! But the car is still drivable.

It amazes me how many businesses are centered around olive oil. I asked how she could sell enough. Well, this was Mazzone Olive Oil, the olives grown in a specific grove in Italy: See it HERE. Kate assured me that it is very popular with salads and breads, especially when seasoned with Tuscan Basil. So, I tried some. I liked it and bought a bottle. Confession: I like olive oil, but am far from a connoisseur.

After dutifully assuring me that she was not photogenic, Kate allowed the portrait.