Kristen (#614) 06-08-14

I was on the main drag in Naples, Fl, heading for Starbucks. At the storefront before, Kristen was seated, with her coffee, on the cell phone. Have I ever mentioned how people's cell phones complicate my life? So I got my cup of Joe, came back, and she was still yakking. I really liked her look, so I just orbited the area for a few minutes until I got my chance. When she pulled it from her ear, I immediately 'asked for a favor' before she had time to dial again.

Kristen was more than happy to be photographed. She was from Buffalo, and in town for a wedding. It was still cold back home, so she stayed for a week. Smart! She is a Mary Kay (cosmetics) salesperson. I asked if she drove the company pink Cadillac. She said no, that she had yet to achieve that status. She had a company Chevrolet Equinox. At the next promotion she would get a BMW, and THEN the pink Cadillac. That's quite a line up – the BMW isn't top dog!

Then I saw what I had missed previously, the cell phone was pink. She turned it around, the back had the Mary Kay logo.