Jodi (#606) 05-31-14

I met Jodi and her friend Linda (tomorrow's stranger) In Cape Coral, FL. They were on a bench situated in an alleyway, between stores. There were shafts of late afternoon sunlight parallel to the alleyway, and lots of structure for light reflection. Jody was happy to comply.

She lives near Buffalo, NY, and loves the cold (good thing). Snowmobiles are her passion. She was visiting her friend for two weeks, but had to return the upcoming weekend, as her nephew was about to graduate from Buffalo State University.

Jodi loves the 100 Strangers concept. I showed her the images on my cell phone, and she took my MOO card. I did not get her e-mail address and I feel badly about that. Due to personal circumstances, I am posting this about two weeks after the encounter.