Greg (#583) 05-03-14

Along the sidewalk of Cleveland St. in Clearwater, Greg was squatted down on his haunches, having a smoke and talking on the cell phone. I liked his Salvador Dali-like mustache, and stood nearby, waiting for my opportunity. Once off the phone, I approached Greg, and told him that I liked the 'stache. He smiled and said that he liked the Dali look, and that the mustache and said that it “used to be up to here”, and held his hands up to the corner of his eyes. I asked why it is now so much smaller. He shrugged and said, “It comes and goes.”

I got these images, and said that I had seen Dali photos that looked very similar (the third image IS Dali). This was no coincidence. Greg was well aware of Dali images and endeavored to emulate them. I told him that his inner thespian was showing. Greg has a fine arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and enjoys theater. He moved to Clearwater one year ago, and now works in Starbucks (20 yards away). “This is just while I get situated. My plan is to open a high-end hot dog and hamburger restaurant.” I said that it must be a very competitive area. He had had such a restaurant in Pittsburgh for 10 years, and offered specialty hot dogs. I suggested a frankfurter shaped like Dali's mustache. With a pensive look, Greg held up his forefinger, “That's a thought!'