Mary (#592) 05-13-14

The Mainsail Art Festival in St. Petersburg had over 250 art booths. One that caught my eye was “The Hairy Potter” - cute. I went inside and met Mary.

Mary's fiancee is John Moore, THE Hairy Potter. He makes pottery from horse hair. Why not? The website is HERE.

Mary (Hayman) is an artist too, and she and John collaborate. Their collaborations include “crackpots.” A visible crack in the piece is laced with leather strips. There is no shortage of creative ideas in the art world.

Mary lamented that although the art festival is juried, being noticed among 250 artists is difficult. The charge for a booth is $250, which seems reasonable enough. But there is an additional $100 fee for a trailer, and an ADDITIONAL $100 fee for a car. She had better sell some hairy art.

To me, Mary just has the 'artsy' look. When I asked for a portrait, there was no hesitation. I find that artists are usually sympathetic to what we stranger-hunters are doing.