Steve and Rachel (#579) 04-27-14

When visiting Dunedin, FL, there was yet another street event. It was a Saturday, after all. And an elevated stage allowed “The Hummingbirds” to perform. I waited for a break between songs, placed a couple of dollars in the tip jar, and walked onto the stage to meet Steve and Rachel. You can read about them HERE.

They were totally cool with being photographed. When they learned that I was from Venice, they asked if there was an outdoor venue where they could perform. I assured them that musicians often performed at a gazebo two blocks from my home. Steve was most interested and we exchanged cards.

Steve asked me to take a few shots of them performing. He then gave me his personal card and asked me to “Like” him on Facebook, and send the pics. I did, and he posted the image of the two of them and credited me. Nice.