Jo Ann (#570) 04-17-14

Three ladies were walking toward me. As I addressed them, I was careful to make eye contact with each one, in turn. I looked for a few seconds at #1, then turned to #2 and #3. The second time around, #3 was absent, never to be seen again.

When I was done speaking, (Jo Ann) said, “Oh yeah, I've heard of that.

You've heard of 100 Strangers?”


“Where? Were you photographed?”

“I don't remember where, I wasn't photographed.”

I Wasn't sure what to make of that. But then Jo Ann added, “And I follow Humans of New York (HONY on Facebook.” Well I'll be darned.

So I photographed Jo Ann, but #2 held up her hand and declined. Oh well, 33% success – not so great.