Peter (#568) 04-14-14

My wife and I sat at an outdoor Italian restaurant, on a corner in St. Petersburg, FL. It was about 6PM. From my seat, I had a view of North and west pedestrian traffic. Looking to the west, everyone was rimmed by backlight – nice.

When I saw Peter approach from the west, I hopped out of my chair and walked toward him. There were three possible bad outcomes:

1. He would refuse a portrait.

2. I'd get the shot, but his hair would be overexposed from the backlight.

3. I'd get a good shot, but my wife would eat my pizza.

As I explained the project to Peter, he began to smile – all was good. He said, “Sure, go ahead” and he had an obvious accent. He is from Denmark, and has been in the U.S. For six months. He loves it here.

I said, “You look too young for that luxurious beard.”

Peter stroked his beard and smiled, “I'm 35.”

“What are you going to do when it turns all gray?”

Still stroking, and smiling broader, “We'll see...”