Denise (#549) 03-23-14

I had the opportunity to walk around downtown Tampa, to search for strangers. I find it important to approach someone fairly quickly. Even if I get rejected, the 'pump is primed', and I have a good outing. So when I saw Denise sitting in an alcove with decent light and background, I was ready. But she was on the X*6W0 phone! Against my better judgment, I waited, and amazingly she quickly got off.

When I asked for a portrait, she was clearly embarrassed. She never suggested that she'd say no, but Denise was quite shy. When I got the shots, she had a difficult time swallowing smiles and nervous laughter. This really wasn't her 'thing', and I am grateful that she complied. When she saw her image on the LCD, she nervously laughed and gave the usual response - I never look good in photographs. She did not want my card or a copy of this image.

Denise is originally from New Jersey, but has lived in the Tampa area for 20 years. She works for the BB&T bank, and was on break. We were in an alcove in the ground floor of a tall building. I had not realized that the entire building was owned by BB&T.