Joseph (#722) 12-06-14

Walking past Sykes Park in Tampa, I saw a woman pacing, and moved closer with the intention of meeting and photographing her. As I got closer, it became obvious that she was talking to herself in a barking staccato voice. Actually she seemed to be arguing with herself and it was not obvious who was winning.

decided to move on and approach Joseph who was sitting quietly on a bench, arguing with no one. He was receptive, and happy to be photographed. Joseph said that he is from Norway. I expressed my surprise, as I detected no hint of a Scandinavian accent. Joseph said that as a young boy, his parents hated him and dropped him out of an airplane onto Alcatraz. He later escaped The Rock by riding on the back of a porpoise. While I planned a graceful exit strategy, Joseph continued that he had both designed, and built, the multistory bank across the street. Finally he said that I had a nice looking camera, a token nod to reality.

I just don't understand how such people on the streets can function at any level. I have to wish them well.