Leslie (#746) 12-31-14

Leslie was walking toward me, on her way to the Whole Foods Market. She used a cane, but moved fairly quickly. When I approached her, she was more than happy to be photographed. Leslie was the stereotype of what I call the “open” person. She was happy, in the present, and totally engaged. Nice. We have all encountered the “closed” person.

Leslie is from Wisconsin and is very glad to be in Sarasota. Her husband's parents had a condo in nearby Bradenton. When they died, Leslie and husband began using it for vacations. Her husband got cancer and they moved into the condo “permanently.” He died one year ago Now Leslie lives in it during the winter, spending summers in Wisconsin.

She was so pleasant. Here she is a recent widow, and obviously has some kind of movement problem (she didn't say and I didn't ask). Leslie has reasons to be bitter and dour, but she has chosen to eschew the negative and be grateful for the positive.