Evonski (#720) 12-04-14

It was a cold windy morning in Tampa, when I saw Evonsky briskly walking on the other side of the street. I was headed for the Indigo Coffee Shop, and that's where she turned in. When I got there , she was ordering something very complicated (to me), And REALLY liked it on the first sip. She complimented the barista. As she headed for the door, I intercepted her with my usual request, telling her that I was attracted to her hairstyle. Evonski was a little suspicious, but as she stepped outside, she agreed.

She is a native Floridian from Quincy, in the panhandle. That morning it was snowing in Quincy. She works in downtown Tampa, but was not anxious to tell me where. It's interesting that I've had this reaction in downtown Tampa before – there seems to be a secrecy about the workplace.

She liked the image and gave me her e-mail so that I could send it along. I did. First I assured her that this was a hobby and there was no charge.