Carl (#744) 12-29-14

Drinking a cup of Joe outdoors in December. How good is this? Carl liked it as he intently studied his laptop. Carl has a Ph.D. From the University of Pennsylvania, and teaches Ancient Greek History at nearby new College. Of course we all know a lot about Ancient Greek History.

But New College is different, there are no grades. At the end of each course, Carl writes a narrative about each student's progress. He says that the students are incredibly motivated, and liberation from grades allows freedom to pursue material based on intellectual curiosity. As an Honors College, other schools recognize the degree for entry into graduate school. I asked if Medical Schools or Law Schools posed problems, I know that Medical Schools used to be extremely grade and test score oriented. Carl assured me that this seldom is an issue.

He liked the image and asked me to send it to him. “I can't wait to show this to my girlfriend. Unfortunately I just read this now, preparing this post. There has been about a 10 day delay. Sorry, Carl.