Rhonda (#742) 12-27-14

I was walking through the Venice Farmer's market (not the one I usually go to), on an unusually cool morning. Rhonda was headed my way wearing a fur hat that reminded me of the Cossacks. When I introduced myself and complimented her on the hat, she sheepishly agreed to be photographed.

Rhonda is from San Diego, and moved to Venice four years ago. Southwest Florida is better, “San Diego is getting like L. A. Turns out that she is a vendor at the market. Her business, the Painted Seahorse sells her art, paintings on palm fronds. Her boyfriend Paul helps and explained that only a small percentage of fronds are the right size and shape. The previous week a lady dragged up several fronds, to “help.” They sheepishly thanked her, but they were useless.

When I saw the fronds, I immediately bought one of a dolphin, as a Christmas gift. Rhonda said that the dolphins were the most popular items. Her Facebook page is HERE. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Painted-Seahorse/313577018845660

The first image shows a dolphin that my nephew now has.