Timmy (#732) 15-12-14

I saw Timmy from a distance at my favorite Farmer's Market. Gee, I wonder what caught my eye... The sun was high in the sky, and there was no way to photograph him where he was. When I introduced myself, and the project, he immediately “got it” and was cooperative. He gladly moved ~20 yards, into shade. The reason he “got it” is that he is an artist, and understands projects and anxiety.

Timmy had just moved to Sarasota from Sedona AZ, 1 ½ weeks previously. Already he misses Arizona, but his ex wife is in Sarasota and he wants to be close to his son.

Now, the art; Timmy paints. He paints abstract subjects on wood, up to five feet square. He liked the image, and asked for the digital file. I sent it today, and also asked for his website. I cannot find it on Google – unusual. I did find his Instagram account.