Daniel and Shannon (#695) 11-05-14

Daniel and Shannon were sitting outdoors sipping their respective lattes. Daniel was slumped slightly in his chair, while Shannon was far more vociferous and animated. When I approached them they were eager to participate and offered me a chair. That's the second time in a week that I had been offered a seat at the table. Nice.

Daniel is from New Jersey, but most of his family is in Queens, NY. We talked about Queens, my birthplace. When I was a baby, in the summer my mother would put me in a carriage, place me on the front lawn, and go inside to do her housework. The neighbors did the same thing. Daniel and I agreed that those days are loooong gone.

He graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design, with a degree in Graphic Arts. He had worked in a graphics art position, but now is self employed. His website is HERE.  Daniel's goal is to support himself as a painter and he thinks that it is possible.

Shannon is from Kentucky and has been in this area for 15 years. She's only been back to Kentucky one time. She is a graduate of Venice High School, like me. She sings in several local clubs, and has a cleaning service. She is a part of the website HERE.

We all exchanged cards, and I have sent the images to them.