Joe (#719) 11-29-14

On a recent Saturday, I went to the local Farmers Market, two blocks from home. Usually I go to one 20 miles north. On this particular day I felt lazy and left the camera home. Idiot! There was Joe with a scarf and top hat – a Charles Dickens-like character. When I explained 100 Strangers he was all for it. And it turned out that he was a vendor and wasn't going anywhere. So, a quick four block round trip walk to get what I should have brought anyway.

So I got a few shots that he liked, and I sent them along via e-mail. His business is Bambooty Headgear, unusual clothing items made out of bamboo. Bamboo? Yep, and it feels like fine cloth. He imports the cloth from Asia, cuts the cloth and tie dyes it so that no two items are the same. His site is HERE.  (No, Joe's hat is NOT made of bamboo). He is about to open a store, and currently has many wholesale accounts. Lots of ways to make a buck in this world.

After I got home I thought, “Wait a minute, here are unique products, and Christmas is fast approaching!” So, another two block walk.

Coincidentally, last May Joe's girlfriend was my stranger #385.