Lucy (#702) 11-12-14

I visited friends in new Smyrna Beach. They are patrons of the Arts, and support a local art co-op (my words)., The site is HERE.  I was amazed by the sophistication of the location, which began only 2 ½ years ago.

Lucy was the volunteer at the front desk the day that I visited. She is a rare Florida native. “I was born in the center of the state and slowly migrated east. Now at the ocean, I can't go any farther.” She was shy, and a little reticent about being photographed. But after she was (relatively) comfortable with the idea, she kindly stepped outside for better light. We exchanged cards. Her association with The Hub is truly a labor of love.

While inside, I met Irene, an accomplished painter. She was helping a fellow painter set up a gallery viewing. They spent many minutes deciding the height of the pieces; 67 inches, 67 ½ inches, or 68 inches. Perhaps you thought that art was intuitive. Irene also kindly stepped outside for a photograph. She liked the one in the comments.