Elijah (#676) 10-18-14

While visiting Winter Park, FL, I came across three high school students selling candy to raise money for the football team. Elijah approached me and showed a box full of large name-brand candy bars for $1 each. That seemed pretty reasonable; someone must have donated the bars so all raised funds would be profit.

I wanted to support the effort, but I had been consuming more than my share of junk food, and Insulin shots are very low on my wish list. So I gave him $3, but told him that I didn't want candy. I asked him to give a bar to the next three kids who came by and say that someone bought them a gift. He seemed a bit befuddled by this. I hope that he did it.

Elijah attends University High School, the beneficiary of the raised funds. He is a senior, and hopes to go to a junior college to major in business. And maybe, just maybe, get a football scholarship. He liked this image on the LCD and took my card.