Isabelle (#501) 01-07-14

 My favorite Farmer's Market, and Isabelle was sitting in a booth (nice light) wearing an interesting hat. And even from a distance, she had a character face. Her booth had a bit of traffic, so I had to bide my time, waiting for a lull in the action. When my turn came, she immediately became interested in the 100 Strangers concept and eagerly took my MOO card.



Prior to residing in Sarasota, Isabelle lived in Arizona and Hawaii. Her product is Good-Gums, a toothpaste alternative that she created. Read about it HERE:

It's nice to see that a small company selling alternative products can exist and survive in an economy driven by multinational conglomerates.

While we were speaking, a lady stopped by and realized what I was doing. She said that Isabelle was a great artist; Isabelle had not mentioned that. Sure enough, a quick Google search turned this up: see it HERE.

Usually I prefer portraits with eye contact. In this instance, I feel that the profile reveals more character.

Good luck in your artistic and entrepreneurial ventures, Isabelle.