Holly (#519) 01-31-13

While just two blocks from home, I spotted a couple crossing the street, sort of heading my way. She caught my eye simply by being attractive. He had a pencil thin mustache and an unusual haircut with green dye around the ears. Surely HE knew that he looked interesting, and was probably proud of it.

When I asked for a portrait, I was amazed when he refused. Holly was reluctant and said that she was not dressed properly. I assured her that it would be a headshot, and showed her my Flickr photostream on my Android phone. She agreed rather reluctantly.


When I showed her the image on the camera’s LCD, she was not happy. “I should have lip gloss!” I turned to her friend, pointed at Holly, and said “Does she need lip gloss?” He hesitated and then said, “I guess not.” I got the feeling that he did think that she needed make-up. Amazing.

They are from California, and have lived in this area for five years. Holly reluctantly took a MOO card, but was not interested in getting a copy of the image.

You never know.