Eric (#507) 01-14-14

Last weekend featured Thunder by the Bay, a motorcycle rally, in Sarasota. For Street Portraiture, this has to be Heaven on Earth. As the bikes were gathering, I spotted Eric on a sidewalk, having a smoke. With Doo-rag, tattoos, earrings, and a healthy beard, he was a Harley classic. When I explained the project, he seemed amused and willing.


As I was getting a few shots, I asked Eric if he was standing close to his bike. “Oh, I don't ride. I work at this salon” as he pointed to a sign about 50 feet away. It was the Euduz Salon, that does hair and nails. See it HERE. 

Eric's specialty is hair. He has worked at Euduz since October, but has been doing hair styling for 23 years.

Well maybe Eric doesn't ride, but I think that with his look, he should!