Elle (#423) 09-28-13

As I first got out of the car, Elle walked by and I loved the hat. But she was on the X*6& phone! So, no luck.

When I saw her again sans phone, I knew that the Great invisible Hand of Luck was guiding events, and that it was my duty to get a portrait. Elle (she spells it “L”), is a professional photographer, using a Nikon D90 for advertising pics.

I asked her the best thing that had happened that morning. She said having breakfast at her favorite spot, The Toasted Mango Café. I looked it up, it DOES look interesting and I will try it. The interesting description is HERE.

The downer for Elle was that she was hoping to see a certain guy and make contact. He wasn’t there. But Elle and I agreed that it would be a good reason to return to the Toasted mango. Again and again.

Elle did not want a copy of the portrait, as she said that she had gained some weight. GIVE ME A BREAK!