​ Marilyn (#396) 08-27-13

Marilyn and Joe were slooowly headed my way, and I loved her hat with a large blue bow. The pace was partly due to Marilyn’s walker, and partly due to the fact that she looked into every store window. I waited by a shallow shaded alcove at a storefront. When she arrived, I asked my question, explaining my attraction to the headgear. She was slightly hesitant, but soon gave the OK.

I asked if she lived in Sarasota – no, Venice (20 miles south). When I told her that I lived in Venice too, she brightened up as if we were longtime friends. I told her the neighborhood where I lived, and she said, wistfully, that she’d like to live there. She lives about four miles away.

I got eleven images in three quick bursts. In between, I looked up at her and changed my facial expression. This is the last shot, and is the only one with this gesture. I REALLY like this.

As I mentioned the blue bow, I’ve included a color image. As usual, the color is nice but I feel that Marilyn’s personality shows up better in B&W.