​ Brian and Wendy (#368) 07-30-13

Following yesterday's post, as I was saying goodbye to Jennifer and Robert, she suddenly said, "photograph them!", and pointed to approaching Brian and Wendy. Wendy was pushing a stroller, and I forget if it was a young boy or girl. My bad! But I quickly explained the portrait thing and both shrugged and said, sure. Brian was wearing a Florida State University shirt, so as a matter of full disclosure, I told him that I was a University of Florida guy. He shrugged and gave me his condolences. A good response.

Brian was born in Sarasota, which puts him in a distinct minority. Wendy is from Michigan, and came here to..., marry Brian! A good reason to escape the cold.

I did not even ask about photographing the child. I need to get over this. There is just so much hoopla about weirdos, and what they do to kids, that don't put parents in the position to have to defend children. If I was a woman, perhaps this would seem different. Or, not.