Jill and Graham (#365) 07-27-13

I've been keeping my eyes open for women wearing fashionable hats. I am a fashion dunce, but I'm trying.

I was heading for my car on Main St. In Sarasota, when I saw a couple ahead of me – the lady wearing a neat hat. Trouble was that they were heading in the same direction as me. I was catching up, but I don't like to approach people from behind. I want them to see me coming. It's unusual enough for someone you don't know to ask for a portrait, and I definitely do not want to startle them.

But luck often gets in the way. Jill stopped to look into a store window, and I walked past. Then I wheeled around and met them face on. When I explained the project and made my request, they had absolutely no reservation. Actually, they went on to enjoy the experience.

I had the recurring problem of avoiding the Camera Smile. With a little coaxing, Grant was able to 'swallow' his.

I got a few shots with lots of teeth, and then managed this.

Finally, she broke down.  :-)

They eagerly accepted my MOO (business-like) card, and then thanked me for doing this. This happens a lot: I ask a favor, and the stranger(s) thank me for the experience. Usually, when I give a card I never hear from the person. But Graham contacted me in a couple of days, asking where the images were. It is gratifying when the stranger cares, and follows up.