Ty, Ariel, and Jen (#358) 07-20-13

Driving down a main street, I was not particularly looking for strangers. But fortunately, the camera was on the seat next to me. A young man and two young women were walking in the direction that I was driving. Their dress was somewhat theatrical, so I found a parking spot a couple of blocks away, and waited. Not long.

When I asked my question, they all began laughing, and one of them said, awesome. Awesome indeed! Two went to the local high school, and the third to a school 20 miles away. Each immediately went into a series of funky poses, and my attempts to get more serious were only mildly successful. But at least these looks are genuine.

So I asked Ty, Ariel, and Jen about the clothes. Venice was celebration Christmas in July, and I thought that there might be an associated play, or skit. No, they just  found the duds in Goodwill, and liked them.

They were so spontaneous that I am posting two images of each: Ty, Ariel, and Jen.

My luck with names continues. Only two weeks ago I photographed a young lady named Ariel. I am on a roll.  :-)