Craig and Ivan (#351) 13-07-13

It feels funny putting an 'and' between them. Craig and Ivan are totally unrelated: different time, different place. But I don't have too much of a story for either, so I'm dumping them together.

While walking down Central Ave. In St. Petersburg, I saw Craig leaning against a building, having an smoke. He just had the body language of someone on a break from work. Sure enough, he worked at the adjacent Garden Bar/Restaurant. He said OK for a few pics, but had to get back to work in a minute. That was plenty of time.

I few weeks later, I was doing my thing just a few blocks from home. I saw a young blonde girl a block away heading toward me, and I thought "please come, please come". She stopped for a moment and addressed a young man, and then the both headed my way. Yeesss!!!

They sat down together on a bench. I spoke to Ivan first. He had attended the local high school, but I am not sure if he had already graduated or was still a student.

While I photographed him, the young lady never looked my way. When I asked her, she shook her head 'no', and never spoke or looked up. Rats! I feel certain that many parents tell their daughters to have nothing to do with older men, camera or no camera. A shame, but I understand.