Vincent and Yu Yu (#341) 07-02-13

Wandering through Naples, FL, I spotted a young Oriental couple taking pictures of each other, with a cell phone. So, of course, I offered to get a shot of both of them together. Then, I explained my project and asked for portraits. They seemed a bit confused and hesitant, but complied.

Vincent did the talking, and his English was a bit halting. Clearly, 'Vincent' is a name assumed in this country. They are from Taiwan, and Vincent said that the city was Tainan – I think. I explained my very rudimentary knowledge of geography – Taiwan is long and skinny, Taipei is near the top, and Kaohsiung is near the bottom. That's it. Vincent said that Tainan was near Kaohsiung.

Vincent will be attending the University of Florida in the fall, studying chemical engineering. That is quite ambitious, and I imagine that his command of the language will continue to improve, very quickly.

Yu Yu – this is how her name is spelled, but I'm not sure if it is one word or two. She spoke little English and seemed very shy. I felt badly that I could not get her to relax and enjoy the occasion.

I feel ridiculous commenting on their command of English. If I were in Taiwan, I cannot imagine how lost I would feel trying to learn Chinese.