Jessica, the Georgia Peach (#337) 06-28-13

A couple of small statues grace Beach Drive, in St. Petersburg. Often people have their photos taken with a statue, tourist style. So when I saw Daniel photographing Jessica, I offered to take a picture of them both. I did so, and they thanked me. Of course I asked for a favor, and away we went.

They live in the Tampa area, but Jessica is originally from western Georgia. Ah, a coincidence – I explained that I have relatives in north Georgia, and that my son lives in Macon, in the middle of the state. She said that she often drove through Macon.  I said that I doubted that, and her eyebrows immediately shot up. I said that people drove AROUND Macon on the Interstate bypass. She agreed, that's what she did. I explained that NO ONE drove through Macon – even Sherman missed Macon on his March to the Sea.