Milton (#330) 06-21-13

While walking on Central Ave., St. Petersburg, I saw an African American in a wheelchair across the street. I crossed over to meet him. This is a side benefit of  the 100 Strangers flickr group; I never would have had the courage to approach someone with a physical disability in the past.

Milton was friendly enough, but showed little emotion.

The wore a U.S. Marines cap. He served in the marines for four years, but never had to serve in Viet Nam (maybe he was too young – hard to tell). Now he does get medical benefits at Bay Pines Veterans Hospital, but gets little other government assistance. Milton has lived in St. Pete for 30 years. Currently he lives in an apartment, close to where we met. I have a feeling that it is some kind of communal housing.

I handed him a few dollars and said that I hate to see veterans getting little support from Uncle Sam. He was VERY appreciative, and said that he could now get something for dinner.

Good luck Milton.