Caytlin and Continuing the Learning Process in Street Portraiture (#324) 06-14-13

Blog post #223 in February was by guest blogger Fritz Liedtke. The post was about the fear of photographing strangers. Review it HERE.

One of Fritz's fine art projects concerns photographing women with freckles, and is called, Astra Velum. See it here.

Astra Velum, the "Veil of Stars". What a nice metaphor for freckles. When I first saw Caytlin, Astra Velum immediately came to mind. You can see why. Caytlin was very friendly, and had no reservations whatsoever about being photographed.

I like this image a lot, and it brings up two unrelated issues for me.

1. Usually I come in closer and include only the face. This brings (I hope) attention to the eyes. But this tattoo is so striking, and readable, that I feel it adds to the story of this interesting young lady.

2. I LOVE the light here. This location is two blocks from my house. I will try to make it one of my private outdoor studios. The background is a sickly pink/orange wall on a ladies outdoor public restroom. Black and white to the rescue! :-)

Thank you, Caytlin, for allowing me to photograph you and continue my learning process in street portraiture.