Dreadlocks, Part 2 (#322) 11-06-13

While visiting Macon GA, I visited a rather unusual coffee shop. It's called Roasters, which makes sense, but at night it is a bar/nightclub. So during the daytime, they sell a few flavors of coffee and a very limited selection of pastries. But in one back corner is a small stage with sound equipment for the evening activities. I love the double entendre of the logo seen on employees shirts, "Get Roasted".

I was there in the morning, not getting roasted. I sat at a window side counter with my coffee, watching people go by. Except, no people were going by. So I turned my attention to the Macon Telegraph, the local news rag. I absentmindedly looked up to see a couple walking by at a purposeful rate, the man with glorious dreadlocks. And I was not ready. Drat! But as is often the case, I encountered them again a half hour later, and when fate is in my favor, I feel compelled to act.

Trina was a little bashful, but Dean had no qualms about being photographed. He is from the Finger Lake area of northern New York state and relocated to Macon for his job. He has been thinking about getting a Nikon D3100, so we chatted for a while about camera types, sensor size, etc. I am fairly well pleased with this earnest expression.

Trina is originally from California. I forgot to ask how they met. I photographed her under a large tree, and had to ask her to move several times to find even lighting. And then I am disappointed by the hot spot on her forehead.

But hot spot or not, I like the dreadlocks.