William Re-Do (#309) 05-25-13

William was sitting on a curb, in front of parked cars. He was weaving something out of palm fronds. I introduced myself and asked what that art form was called. He said that he just called it palm weaving. OK! I told him that I had seen only a few people doing that in Sarasota and only one in Venice, but there were LOTS of palm weavers in Savannah. He had heard that.

William is homeless, but he would much rather make a few dollars producing crosses and roses, that beg for money. This way he can pay his own way into a shelter each night. William said that he is 'clean', no booze or drugs, and not many homeless can say that.

I had the feeling of deja vous, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. William needed some dental work, and the defects were quite characteristic. Suddenly, I said "I know, you've lost a lot of weight". He beamed, and said that he had been exercising and dieting. The thought of a homeless person on a diet is an anathema to me. But he seemed quite proud, and happy about it.

And I had photographed him about a year ago.

Quite a difference.