Good Musicians, Not-So-Good Location (#306) 05-12-13

Main St. In Downtown Ft. Myers is a bit of a misnomer. It is called Main St., but it is not the MAIN street. First St. Is, and it is one short block away. But if you are street musicians playing on Main St., First Street is a LOOONG block away.

I saw Joe and Carl on a Main St. Corner, I forget which one. One of them had a guitar. I did not keep notes – I don't remember what instrument the other had. But Joe's small white beard caught my eye, so I asked for portraits. No problem.

When I got a good look at the images on the computer, I was disappointed in Joe's, but there is something in Carl's eyes that I did not see at the time. And I like it.

Like realtors say, the value of property is based on three things, location, location, location. Good luck, Joe and Carl, because I don't think that you have it.