Smile Inducing Portraits (#267) 04-10-13

In keeping with my self-proclaimed tradition, this Wednesday post showcases the work of another photographer.

A couple of weeks ago I broke down and set up a Twitter account. I still don't "get it", but by using #photography, I see a zillion tweets daily. I should say that I GET these tweets; there are so many that I don't really see them all. But I have stumbled across an interesting blog called PetaPixel that seems to be run by Michael Zhang. A have found no "Home" page or "About" page, so I can't tell you anything more about it. Except that there some interesting (to me) posts. See PetaPixel HERE.

The March 30 post is the one that caught my eye. Entitled, "Smile Inducing Portraits of People Lost in Daydreams and Happy Thoughts", it is a project by Alexandra Santu.

For each of the portraits, she asks the subject to think about something beautiful. See it HERE.

As I usually ask subjects NOT to smile, so that I can get an authentic expression. This project certainly turns things upside down. The gestures are presumably authentic, but reflecting only happy thoughts.