Less is More, in Creativity (#262) 04-04-13

I was taught by Craig Tanner to simplify gear when photographing strangers. I use one camera (Nikon D90), one prime lens per outing (50 or 85mm), one shooting mode (aperture priority) and one f stop per outing (2 – 2.8). Thus when approaching a person, I can keep my mind on the personal interaction, light, and composition - the important stuff. The camera settings are fixed, thus, a constraint.

Constraint increasing creativity is not a new concept. But as humans, we tend to forget once in a while. OK, a lot! C. J. Chilvers authors a blog called "a lesser photographer" See it HERE. 

His 3/18 post is called ""Constriction and Creativity" and is about exactly this. Here is an embedded video. It lasts only 3 1/2 minutes.

Are too many options stifling your creativity?