Marshall (#255) 03-26-13

Sometimes I have to chase potential subjects, but sometimes they just come to me. I was photographing Tara and Lindsey (Post # 250, 03-21-13) on a sidewalk, in front of the main Bar Sandwich Shop in Sarasota. A young man popped out the door and said, "Photographing people, want to photograph me?" Isaid sure, but did not take my eye fron the viewfinder. When I put the camera down, he was gone.

So after the Tara and Lindsey encounter, I went into the Main Bar Sandwich Shop. If you are interested, see it HERE.

I found the young man, Marshall, and offered a photograph. Although working, he readily stepped outside and I went to work.

I showed him the images on the LCD, and he seemed to approve. Then I gave him my MOO card and offered to send him a file if he e-mailed me. Marshall's girlfriend models, and needs images for her portfolio. The image has been on Flickr for about a week, and I have not heard anything :-(. Perhaps the black and white treatment is a put off.