Beau and Kristen (#246) 03-16-13

I was on a city street that I rarely frequent. I stayed on the south side, in shade, with buildings on the north side in bright sunlight acting as a reflector. In this case, I could thank Whole Foods for performing reflector duty.

A young couple, Beau and Kristen approached, so I went into my act. As is often the case, while I was describing my project, they began to smile. It was a done deal.

When I looked at the images on the computer screen, the light on Beau's face surprised me. I find it pleasing enough, but it is slightly brighter on his right (our left) side. That is the side toward the side of the street in shadow.

The light on Kristen surprised me even more. It is fairly even from left to right, but it looks like there is a reflector overhead. Moreover, she is standing just about where Beau did. I did not create this effect in Photoshop.

I'll have to find some more people in this location and pay a little more attention to the light while shooting.