Judy and Frank (#480) 12-09-13

Judy was leaning against a dark outside wall, with a cane in one hand. Her expression was neutral. Prior to this project I was afraid to approach strangers. But when I got into it, I was still very wary of approaching people with physical problems. But just a quick breath and I introduced myself. While I was speaking, her husband, Frank, walked up. He seemed protective of Judy and took a step toward me, asking about the project, what would I do with the photos, etc.

I showed him my Flickr Photostream on the smartphone. Both of them looked at several screens worth and became quite interested. Frank asked why every stranger was looking right at me. I explained that I photograph people from all social classes, and that eye contact assured an egalitarian approach that 'levels the playing field.' He really bought into that, and opened up.

They spend half of the year in Sarasota and half in New Hampshire (snowbirds). Judy said that a man named Phil was in charge of the local Farmer's Market; they described Phil for me. He used to have a carpet store in New Hampshire. The three of us conspired; if/when I saw Phil, I would say, “Hi. Didn't you once sell me a carpet in New Hampshire?” A neat prank. I haven't seen Phil yet, but I will...